"King He-Man" - Oil Painting / Live Panel at Grayskull Con 2015

My latest painting.

2 years ago a "King He-man" Figure has been released. When I saw it I knew what to to. In early developement stages He-Man once was supposed to be Conan. Both ended up as a bearded King now... So it was totally obvious to me. The famous still of the classic "Conan the Barbarian" with Arnold Schwarzenegger was my inspiration, I made an exact recreation of that pose.

His old weapons by his side, in ths Vision He-Man is now an older but still strong warrior, his face tells us that he went through a lot during his life. The weapons on the right include an easter-egg in fact, they are arranged in the same way when He-Man saw them the very first time in the first Mini-Comic by A. Alcala.

The circle now is complete.

I painted this piece live at Grayskull Con 2015.
Live panel @ Grayskull Con: Painting the King He-Man!

And here is the result.
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 100 cm (approx. 27,5 x 39,4 inches)

Artwork: KING HE-MAN / Oil on canvas by SiMo Sol
KING HE-MAN / Oil on canvas by SiMo Sol


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