Guarding The Safety Of Eternia - The He-Man Cardback Motive

It is time. Here is the finished piece.

"Guarding the Safety of Eternia" is a recreation of the ionic He-Man cardback motive, you can see the original illustration by Errol MaCarthy right here:

I painted it with oils on canvas, it has a size of 80/120 cms (about 31,5 x 47,2 inches). Countless details have been added into the landscape, there is Grayskull of course, you can see Point Dread and the Talon Fighter, Zoar, Battle Ram, the Grayskull Standart... just to name a few.

I dedicate this panting to the great Earl Norem, who died jthis year. He was one of the greatest MOTU artists and his artwork was an important inspiration for me to make these paintings of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Thanks to all supporters!


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