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Bolts for The Flash

I decided to add yellow bolts to the fastest man alive. I cut them out of neon colored plexiglas sheets, smooth and sand them and add them to the figure.
The result will be a nice effect, I think...

WIP Oil Painting: Chaos in Avion

WIP of a new oil painting, working title: "Chaos In Avion" (Oil on canvas, ca. 70 x 100 cm).
Based on a scene in a german audio play "Der Baum der sterbenden Zeit" ("The Tree Of Dying Time"), where He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are fighting in Avion - against invisible goblins...

Teaser - Captain Future Statue

Teaser of my new sculpting project - Captain Future is coming along in 1/5th scale

The Flash statue gets some color


I bash The Flash

WIP shot of renewing the old Horizon kit.